Rent the Cheese Shop

Ever wanted TCS all to yourself? Welp. Your dreams just came true.

guests renting the Cheese Shop

That’s right. You can now rent THE CHEESE SHOP for your {smallish} event! And there are three ways you can do it.

1. Semi-Private Events

Looking for a casual get-together for you and up to 12 of your besties? Belly up to a reserved section of the Cheese Shop—any time we’re open—and do a self-guided tasting. We’ll set you up with the eats, drinks, and a tasting sheet for notes and info. So, just to be clear, TCS will still be open but you’ll be the special ones. Tax and gratuity are included in the prices, as are bread and accouterments.

  • Cheese 101
    Seven styles of cheese to taste your way through. No beverages are included. $20 per person
    • Cheese & Wine Pairings
      Four cheeses and four wines. $50 per person
    • Cheese & Beer Pairings
      Four cheeses and four beers. $40 per person

      2. VIP Cheese School

      From 6 to 9 p.m. on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you can have your own private class. Choose from three classes for your hand-picked gang of 18 to 22 people. There is a $100 room fee, and tax and gratuity are included, as are bread and accouterments.

      • Cheese 101
        Learn all about the seven styles of cheese—fresh, bloomy, washedrind, semi-soft, semi-firm, hard, and blue—and demystify the cheese counter. Three glasses of wine are also included in the class. $40 per person
      • Cheese & Wine
        Five fabulous wines with five perfect pairings. $50 per person
      • Wine vs. Beer
        It’s a throwdown. Taste three beers and three wines and see which emerges victorious. $50 per person

      3. Private Events

      Wanna ditch the learning altogether and just eat and drink your faces off? This option is for you ‘cause you’re fancy like that! You can book TCS for your next little soiree [22 people max] from 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays. There is $100 room fee and a $600 minimum on food and drink. This price includes one of our awesome staff to cater to your every whim [keep it clean people]. It’ll be another $100 for an additional staff person. Tax and gratuity are included.

      Contact us to start planning your big, fat cheese & booze party now!

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